Saturday, January 22, 2011

Video clip of the day

Something to get your Saturday off on the right foot.

There is really no rational explanation for this except for copius alcohol consumption, we suppose.

(mild NSFWoH warning as there is brief yet obscure junk exposure on the return trip)

New follower update: Full Metal Patriot is in the house!


Road Dawg said...

Since your video was so random, I get my non-sequitor:

Go Green Bay!

Road Dawg said...

Full Metal Patriot wasn't allowing comments.

Full Metal Patriot said...

Thanks for the link, Dean!

Road Dawg, my blog's got comments turned on, they're just moderated to control the signal-to-noise ratio (I've got a few spammers and trolls). Since you've already got a Blogger profile, you're more than welcome to contribute.

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