Monday, January 24, 2011

Video clip of the day

We know it's Monday, the first day of the work week and that we should be posting serious, grown-up stuff, leaving the frivolity for the weekend. We get it but we just couldn't resist posting what we believe is the greatest infomercial of all time (short form category).

As you will soon find out, the guy's name is Vince which is uncanny as this guy so reminds us of Vince Vaughn minus about 80 lbs. and circa Swingers.

Trust us, you are going to love his nuts.


Road Dawg said...

WE love ours. The graty is the best. Buy block parmesian cheese and grate it on you pasta, piza, you pay so much for the Kraft canned stale crap, whamo...makes all the difference.

I don't know what your point was, Dean, but this gadget is everything you see in the commercial. If it ever becomes a white elephant gift, snag it!

Harrison said...

He did a Slap Chop on a hooker last year.

Dean said...

My point was I love everything about this infomercial, most of all, draining the no-look, over-the-shoulder 3-pointer from downtown.

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