Monday, January 24, 2011

Free Captain Elliott's Party Boats Pt. III

It's Waiverpalooza...

Three local chapters of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), whose political action committee spent $27 million supporting Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election, have received temporary waivers from a provision in the Obamacare law.

The three SEIU chapters include the Local 25 in Obama’s hometown of Chicago.

The three SEIU locals, covering a total of 36,064 enrollees, are covered by the federal waivers, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

HHS gave a waiver to Local 25 SEIU in Chicago with 31,000 enrollees on Oct. 1, 2010; to Local 1199 SEIU Greater New York Benefit Fund with 4,544 enrollees on Oct. 10, 2010; and to the SEIU Local 1 Cleveland Welfare Fund with 520 enrollees on Nov. 15, 2010.

So far, the Obama administration has issued waivers to 222 entities, including businesses, unions and charitable organizations. Of that total, 45 were labor organizations.

That last paragraph may be a little misleading as that 222 figure reflects only what the Department of Health and Human Services has reported as of December 3rd of last year. We understand HHS will only be reporting out on who has been granted waivers on a quarterly basis.

Maybe now were getting a look at what qualifies for being exempted from the annual limits provision of ObamaCare. Now we don't doubt these unions would be adversely effected by having to comply with ObamaCare but for an administration that is seen as being way too cozy with unions, this represents horrible optics.

Again, governing by waiver is no way to govern.


Road Dawg said...

I don't understand why even the most ardent supporters of universal health care will stand for corruption at its core.

Governing by waiver= Governing by corruption. Blantant and in our face.

Harrison said...

Maybe we should concentrate on who hasn't had a waiver. The list would be shorter.

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