Sunday, November 1, 2009

Be it ever so decadent, there's no place like home.

We just got back from our semi-annual Joshua Tree confab (fall edition). We’re a little tired but not all that thrilled to be back… something about work tomorrow. We may be a little slow getting out of the blocks but we should be back at full blogging speed by the middle of the week.

Camping tip #219: If you are going to forget the frying pan, make sure that you have some canned beer as a standby.

The ‘Dawg did a masterful turn and the scrambled eggs actually came out fluffier than they would’ve in a skillet. Go figure.

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Road Dawg said...

I had know idea I was being recorded. I feel a copwright infringement lawsuit comming on.

"Father of the year" 'Dawg