Monday, November 23, 2009

Great moments in the history of centrism

Who says the NYT lacks talented op-edders:

Mr. Obama was elected for similar reasons. People had hoped that his unique story, personality and speaking skills could bring the country together, overcome paralysis and deliver nation-building at home. A lot of the disappointment settling in among Obama voters today is prompted by their dawning realization that maybe, like Arnold, he can’t.

China’s leaders, using authoritarian means, still can. They don’t have to always settle for suboptimal. So what do we do?

The standard answer is that we need better leaders. The real answer is that we need better citizens. We need citizens who will convey to their leaders that they are ready to sacrifice, even pay, yes, higher taxes, and will not punish politicians who ask them to do the hard things. Otherwise, folks, we’re in trouble. A great power that can only produce suboptimal responses to its biggest challenges will, in time, fade from being a great power — no matter how much imagination it generates.

That from Thomas Friedman via The Corner.

Covering for a woefully inexperienced and ill-prepared Commander-in-Chief, expressing affection for undemocratic Chi-comm style cram-down government and bemoaning the fact that we, in a recession and at a time of rising unemployment, aren’t being good citizens by enthusiastically beating down the door for higher taxes… all in 3 short paragraphs.



Harrison said...

Does he pay more taxes than he's required to? Is he making his contribution towards the next 5 year plan?

K T Cat said...

I, for one, welcome our new fascist overlords!