Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chewing on November 3rd

We honestly don’t know how much stock to put in the election results of a couple nights ago. Was it a repudiation of Obama’s policies? Was it an affirmation of conservative principles? Was it proof that Obama’s victory last November was a product of circumstance: a euphoric swell of emotion propped up by Big Media overwhelming a mediocre candidate that ran a horrible campaign that could not be reproduced one year later?

Maybe it was a little of all the above. And we do think just as strong of a message was sent to GOP leadership as it was to congressional Democrats.

KT has his thoughts here and Temple of Mut has a very nice roundup of opinions and personal thoughts on the election results here.


Harrison said...

It was probably both. I think it shows if the Republicans move towards the center they can win but there were some local issues going on as well. Certainly, it will give the Dems food for thought before they try and vote for Left ideas. Most parties in the WH take losses in mid-term elections so it's unclear how much of this was really about Obama but I think if the economy improves enough by 2010 the Dems might not take too much of a beating.

Dr. Dave said...

It was the end of the beginning, to quote Churchill. We'll be taking back even more if we DON'T move to the center. We need clear, strong, and effective candidates who believe in conservative principles. I.e., we DON'T need RINOs Newt and Michael Steele.

BTW...thanks for the well wishes on my blogaversary day.