Sunday, November 15, 2009


More favorable comparisons of an American president to perhaps the greatest mass murderer of all-time made by people who should know better.

The federal pay czar is now worried that meddling in what firms can/cannot pay their top dogs may scare off talent. Who knew?

The father of Bailout Nation warns against too much government intervention into the free market.

A very good counter (in fact, possibly the only one we’ve seen) to this “Jesus was a socialist” non-sense.

More green on green violence over windmill farms in the San Diego east county wilderness.

And finally, a popular catchphrase you may be hearing in the aftermath of the Ft. Hood terrorist attack is that we are back to a “pre – 9-11” mindset with respect to counter-terrorism. Andrew McCarthy who prosecuted the “Blind Sheikh” argues that it’s actually much worse than that.


K T Cat said...

The Federal Pay Czar needs to release a 311-page document describing the clauses and equations for calculating pay.

B-Daddy said...

Re: wind farm. The enviro-whackos whole argument is "scenic integrity" in an area that few people ever see? By that logic we shouldn't have any technology, anywhere, and everyone human being should just go kill themselves. Hey, maybe that IS their plan.

Harrison said...

With that fancy microwave American respect is ended in only 2 minutes!

Road Dawg said...

Is it me? I see these windmill farms like oil platforms a thing of beauty and man's greatness and harnessing God's gifts.

I', sure the Aviary Society would have splashed photos of dead birds at the base of the Palm Springs wind farms if the birds were getting killed.

Harrison said...

One big difference between oil platforms and wind "farms" is that even when there's no wind you can still get oil. And talk to the Kennedys about why they don't want wind farms in front of their vacation homes... ruins the views.

Road Dawg said...

Of course what you say is true, but irrespective of the differences, our responsible acquisition of these resources through magnificent structures is amazing and beautiful.

Could you imagine if the environmental wackos of today had there way with San Fransico Bay? No bridge would have been built.

Are pointing out the Kennedy's are hypocritical? They don't hold a candle to Algor!

I look out at the horizon and see oil platforms and am proud, not sad to watch our harvest from the earth. Also these have been friendly to the environment, providing habitats for sea life.

I grew up with the beginning of the environmental movement preaching doom and gloom about the comming of the new ice age and the prediction of the horrible consequences of the Alaska pipeline. Where are all the dead reindeer I was promised as a child?

Pardon me if I don't get my panties in a bunch with anything said by this crowd.