Friday, November 20, 2009

We won’t get into broad, sweeping over-generalizations

... we'll let you do that.

Transparency International released their wildly anticipated annual Corruption Perceptions Index report this week. The report measures perceived levels of public sector corruption in 180 countries, drawing on surveys of businesses and experts.

The bad guys:

1. Somalia

2. Afghanistan

3. Myanmar

T4. Sudan

T4. Iraq

6. Chad

7. Uzbekistan

T8. Turkmenistan

T8. Iran

T8. Haiti

T8. Burundi

T8. Guinea

T8. Equatorial Guinea

The good guys:

1. New Zealand

2. Denmark

T3. Singapore

T3. Sweden

5. Switzerland

T6. Finland

T6. Netherlands

T8. Australia

T8. Canada

T8. Iceland

The U.S. checks in at #19 on the good guys list.

Two things jump out at us immediately with respect to the two lists.

To the good: Western democracies.

To the bad: … as we stated previously, a respectable blog like this does not want to get into the unsavory business of stereotyping. We've got enough issues on our hands.


Harrison said...

Do any of the "bad" places have a McDonalds?

Dean said...

Harrison, I did not pick up on the Thomas Friedman-like analysis.

I'm assuming they do not which, of course, is cause for both celebration and lamentations.

Good call but alas, that is not the trend I had in mind.

SarahB said...

Just want to know...where was the U.S. this time last year? And Iceland? Who's ass did they ever save?

Harrison said...

Well not having a McDonalds is a pretty good indicator as to how open/free their societies are but, also, how messed up there economies are.

Still gotta wonder why the US is 19. What was the trend you had in mind?

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