Friday, November 13, 2009

What terrorist attack were they watching?

Big Media continues its deplorable air-brushing of the jihadist terrorist attack at Ft. Hood and with it hasten the demise of its credibility. The below is from Time, a couple of days ago:

Hasan was a walking contradiction: the counselor who himself needed counseling; the proud soldier who did not want to fight, at least not against fellow Muslims; the man who could not find a sufficiently modest and pious wife through his mosque’s matchmaking machinery but who frequented the local strip club. A man supposedly so afraid of deployment that he launched a war of his own from which he clearly did not expect to return alive. “Everyone is asking why this happened,” said Hasan’s family in a formal statement, “and the answer is that we simply do not know.” (See pictures of the aftermath of the Fort Hood shootings.)

But if this is the new face of terrorism in America, we need better facial-recognition software. Hasan’s motives were mixed enough that everyone with an agenda could find markers in the trail he left. For those inclined to see soldiers as victims, he was a symptom of an overstretched military, whose soldiers return from their third and fourth deployments pouring out such pain that it scars their therapists as well.

(emphasis, ours)

And then there was this:

What drives a man to not only did what he did last week at Fort Hood but also to rent a $300/month apartment that was bare but for the essential necessities.
Afterall, Hasan was a well-compensated major in the Army drawing special pay as a psychiatrist so could it be that Hasan was not only rejecting the material comfitures of the West but also its customs as dictated through the millennia, codified in Talmudic law that was inherently hostile to Hasan’s world-view?

And one could imagine the humiliation when the simple act of getting one’s “Soldier of Allah” business card printed out becomes an out-of-pocket expense rather than a re-imburseable. Do-it-yourself business cards with the perforated edges, no less. Indignity heaped upon indignity.

We suppose that having a complete disorder, secondary post-traumatic stress disorder, fabricated from thin air for the occaison of the Ft. Hood incident might be cause for some baggage-carrying of its own – of course, not that Hasan could’ve possibly known at the time he would have his very own “twinkie defense” disorder. However, simply not knowing doesn’t rule out the possibility of Hasan’s own existential sense of dread – that the newly-minted SPTSD had selected him for this cruel fate.

Never mind that there has never been a counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist in recorded history to behave in such a rash manner, there is always the first time. And doesn’t this speak to the unspeakable horrors of the two wars in which this country is engaged that the stories brought back by the soldiers Hasan was treating and attempting to help was cause for this extreme case of “compassion fatigue”?

Killing them with kindness, indeed….

Of course, the last was from us and though we are in no way attempting to make light of what happened at Ft. Hood last week, the urge to justly mock and lampoon Big Media for their head-in-the-sand approach to covering this was irresistable.

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Harrison said...

These people are the worst kind of apologists. How many others in our military do this kind of crap? It happened recently in Iraq in a cafeteria but did they yell 'god is great' before? No.

K T Cat said...

This is just insane.

Road Dawg said...

It was the same kind of political correctness, head in the sand mentality that allowed this terrorist to keep his job.

The army and this monster's chain of command has not only the dead and wounded's blood on their hands, but the mental trauma of every soldier counselled by him prior to the shootings.

There are reports of his peers giving opinion of him being psycotic and as the arcticle points out, living a schizophrenic lifestyle.

Where is the big lesson learned from 9/11 aboutconnecting the dots? I would like to see some heads roll for this.