Monday, November 23, 2009

A little cheese cake, anyone? (UPDATED)

For those of you out there screaming about a double-standard regarding the leggy lady to the left, just relax and thank god for small favors.

Now, as blatantly sexist as the picture is what is equally puzzling to us is the title and the subtitle. We weren’t aware that the down-the-line conservative views that we generally share with Ms. Palin were a “problem”. And, no, we are not going to bother reading the article to determine the actual context of the “problem” as it relates to Palin’s conservatism because, guaranteed, the cover and not the article inside is the take-away message.

It is the conservatism embodied in the attractive former governor of Alaska that is on trial here. Were Palin a Olympia Snowe-like moderate Republican or a Democrat, this Newsweek feature doesn’t exist.

And please note the continuation of the “bad news for the Republicans and the country” meme that sets up Newsweek as some type of common sense, I-have-Republican-friends “America first” moderates. Phony, phony, phony.

As if the three-quarters of a trillion dollar political payback package, the firing of a CEO of an auto manufacturer, the nationalization of 2 of the 3 auto manufacturers, the desired nationalization of the healthcare industry and an economically-ruinous climate bill all represent the embodiment of raging centrism.

We run an highly opinionated blog here and we cannot for the life of us ever imagine running a post with a picture of President Obama dressed in Muslim garb (as he was depicted by several tabloids during the campaign) with the title of that post, “How do you solve a problem like President Obama?” It would be absurd and, of course, racist but mostly it would be just plain lazy which aside from outright lying, is probably the greatest sin in writing.

At the end of the day, all this shows is the desperate ends Jon Meacham and Evan Thomas will go to save their floundering rag.

H/T: Harrison

(UPDATE #1):

With two wars ongoing, one of which the Commander-in-Chief is engaged in full-tilt dither, unemployment surging past 10%, mountains and mountains of debt, the specter of a double-dip recession looming because of a disastrous set of responses executed in the wake of the Bush-fueled recession and what is the priority for the hacks at Oragainzing for America, the perpetual campaign organ of the Obama White House?

Raising money to go after a private citizen.

Organizing for America, the DNC's campaign arm set up to support President Obama's agenda, has a familiar target today: Sarah Palin.

Mitch Stewart, OFA's director, told supporters in an email just now they need help to raise "$500,000 in the next week to push back against Sarah Palin and her special interest allies."

His argument is that Palin's "lies" about health care are "widely covered by the media, then constantly echoed by right-wing attack groups and others who are trying to defeat reform." He uses her death panels meme as an example.

And while noting that the Associated Press has assigned 11 fact checkers to Sarah Palin's new book while assigning a grand total of zero to Obama, Biden and McCain's campaign season books, KT likens Big Media's psycho-sexual obsession with Sarah Palin to the pretty cheerleader who shunned their creepy advances back in high school. If this has never been a problem for you, then we suggest click on over and read about it here.


Harrison said...

Newsweek is costing the Washington Post a fortune because of all the losses they are taking.

SarahB said...

I wondered the save thing about the title...and no one else is picking up on it!

Of course I actually don't mind when "they" show Sarah looking great. Scares them to death that she looks a thousand times better than their scary gaggle of angry crones. It's part of why Whitman scares me...she looks like a poster girl for the left. No one with that much money or power should look that bad or wear things that fit so badly... reeks of Bay Area Femanista you-have-to-love-me no matter how bad I let myself fall apart. It's called Ms. Clairal, Spanx, and a trainer...try em sometime.

Sorry, my claws are showing today.

Dean said...

I'll say! ;)

But to your point:

If a woman is ugly at 20, that is God's fault. If a woman is ugly at 40, that is her fault.
- Oscar Wilde

Harrison said...

She did pose for that photo (for a jogging mag) so it's not sexist so much as degarding to use in the context of politics.

Road Dawg said...

I believe I forwarded the Organizing for America email from the Obama "campaign".

I get about 3-4 per week. These guys really have the machine going. Does it surprize anyone they would go after a private citizen after "joe the plumber"?

Anyway, thanks for the photo!