Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Got Map?

The absolute horribleness of porkulus rolls on...

The 99th congressional district of North Dakota is rolling in about $2 million worth of porkulus funding right now.

Check out this cool interactive map that will show you where nearly $6.4 billion was used to "create or save" just under 30,000 jobs ($225,000/job) in places that don't even exist. Awesome.

We bang on them quite a bit but we'll give credit where credit is due: no fewer than 12 news organizations have dug a little bit deeper to expose the horrendously faulty and corrupt jobs accounting of porkulus. (Then again porkulus is not the only government-operated entity that does not have to comply with the usual accounting standards)

Of somewhat local note:

"Los Angeles-based Syska Hennessy Group Construction reported 93 jobs stemming from an Army contract...The number is closer to two jobs because the construction work has not started yet..." as reported by... the Atlanta Journal-Constitution?

Paging the L.A. Times. Paging the L.A. Times


Harrison said...

Nice! Particularly the interactive map.

Road Dawg said...

Nice, we all get to point out to each other the blatant porkulus and lies by the new administration.

No offense to the blogispere, I thank God for the opportunity, but how do we get the message out?

I try to win hearts and minds, but I sit in front of my computer reading BwD and The Liberator (Lipstick, Cat, others) and feel like I'm in church. OK, I'm on board, these guys are crooks.....but where's the revolution?

Don't mind me, keep up the good work!

SarahB said...

Hey Dawg...if it makes you feel better I did send this piece out to the Tea Party email list. And my hubbie came home to announce they were making fun of "stimulus" projects at roll call for EPD this morning. Never fear, the revolution is's just made of paper, like the Citizen Power Campaign, Votes Safe, etc. And you can keep preaching to the choir...we enjoy the sanity!

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