Saturday, November 7, 2009

Navy 23 Notre Dame 21

B-Daddy here. I watched a terrific upset today, with my alma mater beating a physically superior Notre Dame team in South Bend, under the approving gaze of "Touchdown Jesus." I say that because it is sort of a religious experience for me. I suffered through most of the 43 year drought that Navy football had with Notre Dame, only to see it finally broken two years ago. In some ways, this win is more satisfying, as that 2007 Notre Dame team went 3-9. This year, Navy faced a ranked Notre Dame team. Navy had not beaten a ranked Notre Dame football team since 1936.

Some quotes on the game:

Stewart Mandel of SI:

Navy (7-3) did everything it does best Saturday, playing crisp, disciplined, triple-option football. Led by QB Ricky Dobbs, the Middies gashed the Irish defense for 348 rushing yards in a 23-21 victory.
Matt Hinton from at Yahoo:

It's one thing to think about how difficult it must be for the Midshipmen's secondary to match up with Notre Dame's 6-foot-6 god of a receiver, Michael Floyd, and another altogether to actually observe the physical impossibility of it with your own eyes, even on television.
Tom Coyne (AP):

“I wanted to run on the field and jump up and down, but I was kind of tired,” said linebacker Ram Vela, who had an interception and fumble recovery. “We’d done it before and we went into this game not really placing as much emphasis or too much importance on it. We just treated it like another game.”
What an indictment of the Notre Dame program, that Navy players think they can walk into South Bend and win it.

Jimmy Clausen former Heisman candidate.

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