Monday, November 16, 2009

Video clip of the day

Check out the Center for Freedom and Prosperity's deconstruction of the cost of healthcare below.

We were having trouble loading this video at the site so we went to YouTube to download it and ran across this comment from "daig1sun":

My biggest worry is not even that government will ruin health care, but rather, that health care issues will ruin government. Health care is such a big, emotionally freighted activity that if the government tries to run it, health care issues will soon becomes its major concern. People will start voting for politicians based on their willingness to open the rationing of care a bit and will stop focusing on matters of interstate commerce, foreign policy and defense.

That's a fascinating comment that bears considerable merit. As if the government does not have enough on its plate, it now wants to take on managing the millions of health care decisions that get made on a daily basis.

Healthcare becomes just another thing that can be politicized and leveraged by the pols. Campaign promises and potential votes for candidates will now have the healthcare dimension to be taken into consideration by the electorate.

Defend the coasts, deliver the mail... and remove tonsils? What could possibly go wrong?

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