Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quote of the Day

With apologies to Instaglen…

Hey, do you remember when they told us that if we voted for McCain it would just be a continuation of the values of religion over the facts of sound science that was the M.O. of the Bush administration, particularly with respect to global warming?

Well, it looks like they were right.

"[The Emails] confirm suspicions that I have had in 30 years of working in climate science that I saw the hijacking of climate science particularly by computer modelers and then by a small group of people associated with the intergovernmental panel on climate change. The difficulty was that even though I sensed there was these thing going on, proving it is extremely difficult. But now with the exposure of these public files it is not only a smoking gun, it's a battery of machine guns. ...

On A global scale it's frightening. This group of people not only controlled the Hadley Center which controls the global data on temperatures, so that the global temperature record is in their hands, they also control the IPCC. ... The IPCC is the basis in all governments for the Kyoto Protocol, the Copenhagen Accord, and so on. ..... The problem they had is they kept saying the 20th century and the latter part of it is the warmest ever. And of course skeptics like myself [and several other names] were saying it was warmer 1000 years ago when the Vikings were in Iceland and Greenland and that's why they decided they had to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period and they achieved that with the hockey stick. In other words they completely rewrote the history."

The rest here at Mish's place who also asks a very important question with respect to the global warming email bombshell: Do you select The Cause or does the The Cause select you?

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K T Cat said...

Thanks for the link!

Road Dawg said...

The link was most excellent!!!!

Emotion and poor investigative journalism combined with an agenda for left leaning policy has driven this issue.

Cause/ Select? It's not an either/or issue but a combination of both, guided with manipulation of the stupid masses willing to believe in the so called consesus.

Road Dawg said...

Snake Oil salesmen, and something about "Remember the Maine" but these thoughts are random and I'm too overjoyed with my vindication re: AGW to comment more!!!!!