Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Buyer's remorse? (UPDATED)

Just a thought...

A recent ABC poll shows that 60% of those polled do not believe Sarah Palin is qualified to be President.

We're curious if some of those who don’t think Palin is qualified may possibly be projecting those reservations onto the current President whose Hope’n’Change trumped his own abject lack of experience and which is now manifesting itself in an administration that appears to expend as much energy on going after private citizens and picking petty fights with news organizations than with achieving anything of substance?

(UPDATE #1):

More thinking out loud…

The Commerce Department revised the 3rd quarter GDP growth down to 2.8% from the previously estimated 3.5%

Speaking purely anecdotally here, but didn’t it seem that during the Bush years, the GDP was routinely revised upwards from previous underestimations? Obviously, we only have one positive GDP quarter to go on thus far (and to many, many more, right? C’mon people, RIGHT?) in the Obama administration so we’ll see if this trend continues. Forgive us a nagging suspicion, though, that the soft bigotry of low expectations that seized many people during the Bush years may have spilled over into the economic forecasting and conversely we may now be witnessing the false hope of high expectations.

But that’s all just non-sense, right? The fact that experts in their field of work, committed to finding the truth through fact-based data gathering would slant, fudge or otherwise delete inconvenient data? Why, that’s just preposterous.


Road Dawg said...

It’s ABC; do you think the Fox poll will be different? Palin has a lot to overcome with the press.

So now as the press continues to report jobs created/saved made out of whole cloth, in congressional districts that don’t exist..and we are to extend some value to there polls? We still give them any credence?

Now that scientists confirm the earth has not warmed at all in the past decade and ‘Dawg has been confirmed, others wonder how this could possibly be? Maybe Algore can Photoshop something soon. Still won’t debate….oh yeah, had a hard time winning a debate with “The articulate Dubya”

So Palin is looking better than ever. Not a politician, we need more real people in our government. Let’s get behind some real people, some PTA Moms and small business owners.

Wake up America!!!

Pedro said...

Nice Blog :) I´ve enjoy reading it

Cheers from Portugal

Dean said...

Pedro! Many thanks for the kind words. Thanks for reading and commenting.