Friday, November 13, 2009

Radio KBwD is on the air

The band and specifically their biggest album East-West set the template for every blues bar band that followed (Hindu Love Gods, a project comprised of Warren Zevon and the members of R.E.M. sans Michael Stipe, for all intents and purposes, redid East-West with their eponymously-named and lone album back in the early 90s).

Bob Dylan employed one of this band’s guitar players, Mike Bloomfield, during his tour of England when he first went electric (because Levon Helm and a couple other members of The Band backed Dylan on this tour it has been mistakenly thought that The Band’s guitar player, Robbie Robertson, was also on tour. Robertson, who did gig with Dylan here stateside, became discouraged with the booing of the electric Dylan and decided to sit out the overseas trip).

Ladies and Gentlemen, enough with the trivia… from the great city of Chicago, it’s the Paul Butterfield Blues Band performing Mary, Mary – a tune penned by The Monkees, Michael Nesbitt.

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