Thursday, November 19, 2009

It was all so obvious

The Ft. Hood massacre mystery solved.

Iowahawk has the details, here.


Teresa said...

Hasan is a Muslim extremist and the MSM is covering it up. If it wasn't for political correctness this horrible tragedy could have been stopped. Iowahawk seems like its a leftist extremist blog for loons.

Dean said...

Teresa, Iowahawk gotcha. He was using satire to mock the left.

Teresa said...

I should have recognized that satire was involved. I must take a better look at Iowahawk's blog.

I enjoy following your blog. I hope you take a look at my blog.

SarahB said...

Some of the finest Photoshop work I've seen since Al Gore tried to put a Cyclone off the coast of Florida:

K T Cat said...