Sunday, November 8, 2009

Random thought for the day

(at this time, hopefully counting our winnings from college football and the Breeder's Cup yesterday and scheming greater things for the NFL today)

A few weeks back we went out to one of the local Indian casinos for no particular reason except to just check it out because we had not been there before and the fact that we do not frequent these casinos and wanted to see if there was anything that we were missing.

Well, what we were missing were the people there. As in, we had never seen these people before in our lives. Of course, they were all complete strangers but so help us, we’d never seen these people. We'd never seen them at work, never had seen them around the ‘hood, never while we were grocery shopping or out and about around town, downtown, southbay, north county…. never and no where. Who are these people?

We are convinced casino-goers have a huge underground community up in the hills east of San Diego to which they retreat every evening after the casinos close and from which they emerge the next morning when the casinos re-open. There’s no other rational explanation.

Anyway, this video clip kind of reminded us of our visit and our theory. It found its way onto Deadspin for no other reason than disgraced former USC basketball coach, Tim Floyd is on hand to break up this little fracas that took place in the food court of the Morongo casino. Tim is the gentleman sporting the natty rugger T dispensing peace and calmer heads.

P.S. We hope we have not offended any regular casino-goers here. Of course you don't live in up in the hills in an underground community. Of course you don't.

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