Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Apparently, enough to give one some heart palpitations

Owing to the fact it went down late Saturday night, there is the distinct possibility you did not see this as the NFL took over as soon as the Saturday college football news cycle was wrapped up.

The perennially under-achieving Michigan State Spartans pulled off the play of the year so far, going for the win in OT against Notre Dame instead of a game-tying field goal, beating the Irish 34-31 in East Lansing.

State coach Mark Dantonio suffered a mild heart attack shortly after the game and while he is fine now, he will be taking an indefinite leave of absence.

Run it back and look how it appears the Notre Dame defenders think the right end, #24,and who is looping underneath, may be trying to sneak out for a pass catch while it is in reality #83 as #24 successfully takes out two ND defenders.


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