Tuesday, September 14, 2010

May it be so (UPDATED... again)

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Our blog buddy W.C. Varones was up in the state capitol yesterday for the 9/12 tea party event. His report is here.

Leslie of Temple of Mut was one of the speakers and she will report out on the event at her site later. We will link to her piece when it comes out.

(UPDATE #1): Nick Gillespie of Reason.tv was on hand for the Washington D.C. event. Here is his take:

Breitbart makes a great point at the end of the clip. This isn't a Republican thing similar to 1994. This is a fiscal conservative/limited government thing where Republican lawmakers will be under the same scrutiny as their Democratic counterparts.

(UPDATE #2): Leslie of Temple of Mut was one of the speakers at the tea party event in Sacto this weekend.

Her written account of the event, including getting to meet one of her heroes, Tammy Bruce and her experiences with the Italian tea party can be found here.

Check out the Italian tea party Facebook page, here.

Editor's note: We implied that Nick Gillespie of Reason.tv was at the Sacramento event when, in reality, he was at the Washington D.C. event. Thought it looked a little too green for Sacto. False assumption has been corrected.


Harrison said...

Love the picture!

Road Dawg said...

Tammy Bruce is great. I have been a fan since the 80's. Her fight with NOW during the OJ trial and her refusal to support their hypocrisy gained even more of my support.

We need more leaders like Tammy. She has teamed up with some real losers, but I know she will not cave against her beliefs.

VH said...

Reason.TV is great.Thanks for posting.