Friday, September 17, 2010

Screw it...

...Go Indie, Christine!

The GOP's initial reluctance to get behind O'Donnell after her stunning upset victory in the Republican Senate primaries in Delaware on Tuesday gave way to a $42,000 check sent to her campaign by the NRSC. Too late. The damage has been done. The Democrats will use this initial reluctance to paint O'Donnell as outside the mainstream of even her own party.

Our advice: Send the check back and run as an independent. The money bomb that has been dropped on her campaign (reportedly, $750,000 in the first 24 hrs. since her victory) should be evidence of that. Besides, in the deep blue city-state of Wilmington, this would be a powerful message to send to the voters of Delaware similar in vein to the "independent" brand Scott Brown fashioned for himself with great success in Massachusetts earlier this year.

For those out there miffed that the Republicans are essentially ceding this seat to the Democrats, two things: 1) anything is possible in this particular election cycle. Take a look around the country and at some of the minor electoral miracles that have occurred already this year, the quantity of which was not matched in preceding election cycles combined. And 2) achieving a majority in the Senate is going to be unlikely even if Castle did win - nearly as important and much more achievable is solidifying the filibuster.

Lastly, we think everybody needs to back off Karl Rove. Yes, he said some rather unfortunate things with respect to O'Donnell and the Delaware primary but he has solidly backed Sharon Angle and other non-RINO conservative candidates.


K T Cat said...

I totally agree. I hadn't thought of that angle, but it would be a very powerful message indeed.

SarahB said...

I second that!

Harrison said...

From what I can tell it will be a battle of a far Left and far Right candidate. Will she win? Would it have been better if Castle ran instead? As much as I'd like to see Delaware fall to the Republicans and Castle having a better chance, I think it's best she ran and kicked him out.