Saturday, September 4, 2010

Video clip of the day

Quick note: lots going on this beautiful end-of-summer Labor Day weekend so we may sacrifice quantity of posts for quality (lack thereof).

If it's from and it involves hooch, you know we're rolling with it, especially if it also entails the question of "Why?"

As in, why is home-distilling of spirits illegal? Look at what's happened to craft brewing in this country since the last vestiges of the Volstead Act were cast off in the late 70s and apply that to what you now think is your favorite gin or Kentucky bourbon.

We hear an awful lot from our black-robed minders about "compelling interests" when it comes to the imposition of law from the state, so what exactly are the compelling interests of the state in continuing to enforce laws going back to, again, the Volstead Act?

No harm, no foul...

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Road Dawg said...

Florence, South Carolina... sweet corn liquor, served with catfish, hushpuppies and greens. Followed by poker games and more home-made spirits. Very good times indeed.

But George (& family) had to take down the still in springtime. The government, while seaching the fields for pot, would "blow up" his still.