Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tea is sweet no matter where you're from

I think that the similarity between us are more than the differences. The main difference is the contest and the culture: You are working in a country where the people know the value of freedom, so you can work forward in the issues. In Italy (and in Europe, too) we are at the first step: We must educate the people to freedom because nobody knows really what it truly means. Anyway, we are in this fight together. We aren’t going to give up until we win.

That from "David", an Italian tea partier, as in, not Italian-American but a freedom and liberty-loving soul in Italy.

A culture of freedom... How awesome is that? Awesome in that freedom in America is not just a birthright as recognized by a foreigner but something we still are required to fight for on a daily basis as our default mode should be that of being ungovernable.

Temple of Mut has more on the burgeoning Italian tea party movement, here.

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