Saturday, September 18, 2010


A round-up of news items, columns and blog posts that caught our eye this past week.

Another Porkulus success story: $111 million to the Los Angeles Dept. of Transportation creates 54.46 jobs (give or take).

And the best part? They can't even differentiate between Porkulus-funded jobs and city-budgeted jobs.

And from the She ought to know Dept.: Jenn Sturger weighs in on the laughable Ines Sainz dust-up.

We totally dropped the ball on this: Yesterday was Constitution Day which B-Daddy says should be a tea party national holiday. Check out his take on this most important day, here.

Michael Ramirez on what went down on Tuesday... as well as any other day of the week as of late.

And speaking of what went down on Tuesday...

Who was this mysterious rival, I inquired - some heretofore unknown Machiavellian prodigy from Harvard poli sci? An old-money interloper from the Philadelphia Mainline? Neither, they said. The challenge, they explained, came in the form of one "Christine O'Donnell," a financially destitute 37-year old Tea Party schoolgirl whose intellectual heft by comparison made even la Palin look Obamanesque. I then watched in abject horror as they played a video of her crusading against teenage onanism. I admit no great pride in my own occasional participation in that unseemly adolescent pastime, but what sort of person declaims it on MTV? And what sort of party allows her name to appear on an official primary ballot?

Life is measurably more enjoyable with Iowahawk in it. It's scientific. More here.

Via Temple of Mut, HillBuzz's take on the new Democratic Party logo:

We blogged on the same topic a few days ago and it's uninspiring tone reminded us of another flop from days gone by.

You know, Leslie, not to be a spoiler or anything but we are so looking forward to that Don Draper/John Boehner photo shop job. Can't wait!

Our blog buddy, Harrison at Capitol Commentary was packing heat on his vaca to the wild, wild West. Read about it here.

Just curious: What percentage of NRA membership comes from people who do not even own a gun? We're curious as we would be a part of whatever that percentage is.

And speaking of vacations, we are a little more than a week out from going on the road ourselves. We've purchased a laptop and an air card in our continuing efforts to join the rest of the 21st century so we hope to do some blogging and/or sharing of photos, from the road.

Short of that, we will be recycling some posts and video clips pertinent to the upcoming elections in November. We're all busy people with lives, jobs, friends and family to tend to so it's nice to be reminded every once in a while of why we need to get to the polls.



Harrison said...

Thanks for the link and if you are an NRA member you should at least own what they support (besides freedom!).

Dean said...

Harrison, what I own is a belief for people being able to choose whether or not to arm themselves.

Whether or not I myself own a gun is entirely beside the point.