Thursday, September 23, 2010

Washington Post columnist kind of bummed that Democrats have all this time on their hands

While bemoaning the fact that the majority party in both houses seemingly have nothing better to do than naming post offices of late, Dana Milbank offered up the following:

Over the past 20 months, Democrats have done a lot -- too much, the opposition says. But they don't want to talk about the achievements. The stimulus bill is unpopular; they're not getting credit for health-care legislation, financial reforms and many other accomplishments; and the spent majority can't limp out of town fast enough.

From what planet is Milbank reporting? Oh, that's right - Planet Capitol Hill in the Beltway Constellation.

Democrats are about to get tsunamied right out of the House precisely because, in part, America is giving them credit for the passage of ObamaCare and the near passage of cap and trade.

Milbank is no dummy, though. He knows the Democrats are getting credit they richly deserve for ObamaCare, it's just that in this context , he is implying that Americans are not sufficiently grateful for the wonderful bounty in which ObamaCare and the balance of the regime's legislative accomplishments will result.

Such is the disconnect, however. Perhaps in November we can assist in a little reconnecting between the two classes in this country. It's been a while since we've heard from them.


K T Cat said...

Dear Dana: $13T at 4% interest leads you to $520B in interest payments a year.

Mutnodjmet said...

BwD: In a related piece, showing the true disconnect that the elite media has with the American people, a news hack from a decaying media organ -- EJ Dionne of the Washington Post, says that Tea Parties are a scam.

If I had time today, I would respond to it in full. Time is limited but I had to share this chestnut with you.

Dean said...

Thanks, Leslie. I'll check it out.