Monday, September 27, 2010

Former Obama hack wants you to know there is more to his book than profane Rahm Emauel quotes

Steve Rattner, former HMFIC of Obama's automotive task force penned "Overhaul" to give the public an inside look at the bailout of Chrysler and General Motors but is bummed out that people are focusing more on Rahmbo's colorful language.

Colorful language like "f... the UAW" which is, coincidentally, the title of one of the chapters in Rattner's book of which he thinks everybody is paying to much to much attention to Rahm's cursing.

He says he hoped the tale would show how bold moves taken by the Obama administration saved the auto industry overall from an imminent collapse. But instead, he says, people are focusing on juicy quotes, such as when White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel dismissed concerns of the United Auto Workers union, a staunch administration ally, with a colorful "f ——— the UAW."

"It was disappointing for me to have people focus on a phrase that I put in to humorize things, and not the meat of the book," Rattner says.

Maybe the reason people are not paying any never mind to the rest of the book is because, if the USA Today account is to be believed, it's one big fat lie.

But Rattner, a lifelong Democrat, thought it would prove that there were no sacred cows in the Obama administration. Even though the UAW is a longtime Democratic party stalwart, he says Obama made it clear that union workers, CEOs, bondholders, dealers, suppliers and anyone else with a stake in the industry would have to sacrifice.

If by sacrifice, Rattner means the UAW got to cut to the head of the line in front of secured creditors and others that would be served ahead of the UAW when it came to carve-up and divvy-out the scraps after the restructuring of General Motors, then yes, everybody did indeed make a sacrifice.

Combine this with GM CEO, Ed Whitacre, flat-out lying about the source of their TARP repayments (simply another line of TARP credit), and the whole sordid GM affair is nothing more than a bunch of lying liars lying about this big lie of a bailout funded on the backs of the American taxpayers.

We hate these people.

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