Friday, September 17, 2010

Video clip of the day

Yeah, yeah, we know... we're totally late to the party with this but we finally got around to watching it a couple of days ago and wanted to share what is probably the finest smack-down from an elected official in a press conference/town hall setting that we have ever seen.

And owing to the fact that we will be on the road in a little over a week and the fact that all of our memories are short, we will be going to the archives from time to time to pull posts and videos to remind us all of why we need to get to the polls in November.

As summer fades and families are getting the kids back to school and/or settling into more of a scheduled routine, we hope to provide some flash-backs to generate that fire and a sense of urgency as we move towards that first Tuesday in November.

OK, enough babbling. Governor, the floor is yours:

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SarahB said...

I actually hadn't see this yet, so thank you for sharing! Nice way to end a damn good week.

See you at Beer Summit!