Sunday, September 5, 2010

Photo image of the day

Have we mentioned we detest the new slimmed-down format of the local rag here in San Diego?

We were assured by the editors that getting less bang for our buck was merely an effort to generate more "focused" news content.

This reminded us of Spinal Tap and their manager assuring Rob Reiner's character that the band's shrinking concert audiences were merely becoming "more selective".


Ohioan@Heart said...

Yes, the new U-T is a disgrace. It's America's Finest City's new High School paper (and a bad one at that).

I intend to not renew at the next cycle.

K T Cat said...

At least there's less of it to read.

B-Daddy said...

Agree that the format is hideous. But amazingly, there has been some better content of late.

Dean said...

B-Daddy, as a more recent post alludes, I was going to mention that but wait until I had a larger sample size.