Thursday, May 21, 2009

And now for something a little more serious in nature

We realize that technically speaking, it's still spring but this weekend will mark the unofficial beginning of summer and with that the roll-out of college football preview issue magazines.

We must say, we’re quite looking forward to this season for no other reason than 3 of the top quarterbacks in the land from last season have chosen to return for their senior years. Tim Tebow (Florida, and Heisman winner one year removed), Sam Bradford (Oklahoma, and defending Heisman winner) and Colt McCoy (Texas).

One thing we will try to refrain from this year that has become somewhat of a cottage industry (even within this blog) is BCS-bashing. We hate it. You hate it and you all know we hate it. It’s a dead horse that has a large stick setting next to it that we will try our darndest to leave be.

One thing we will not stop bashing however is Big 12 defenses. And, yes, this would stem in no small part to being subjected to the same criticisms of our homer Pac-10 conference. I do not recall, however, at any time over the years where half the Pac-10 QBs rolled up passing completion percentages that if converted into grades would’ve garnered them a C+/B- in school.

And you know who else we’re not going to stop bashing? Notre Dame, that’s who. Especially when they and their pompous coach, Charlie Weis, make it so easy to do. This year’s edition of the Notre Dame media guide has omitted the losing season from his year-by-year biography because the athletic department wants to treat him as if he were an assistant coach… or something. Read more, here.


Road Dawg said...

Dooooode! Football, you bet!

BCS?!?!? No bashing, don't get it enough to bash. Still gotta root for the Irish, carrying water for my wifes dead father. Except when they're playing Navy, gotta go with blood.

I've got money Micheal Vick gets picked up by Al Davis!

Praying Brett stays retired!

And for what it's worth, hope Mongo enjoys his college season!

B-Daddy said...

Go Navy, Beat Army!
Fight on for USC.
Go whoever is playing Notre Dame this week.