Sunday, May 10, 2009

Picture of the Day seen this afternoon on the SR 94.

The State of California would like you to know they take child abduction very seriously.

P.S. We haven't yet received a reply to our letter to the Editor regarding the San Diego Union-Tribune's omission of the physical description of the two abductors in the Briant Rodriquez kidnapping case.


K T Cat said...

Laugh now, laughing boy, but when your children are all abducted by someone riding a bicycle, you won't be laughing so much!

Dean said...

If bicycles had license plates... then we might have shot.

Oh my goodness.... I can't believe I came up with another potential revenue stream for the state.

Have bike (and license), will pay.

I'm just so glad to be doing my part.

Justin said...

You used to have to have a bicycle permit/license/whatever in Houston. It cost a dollar and you could buy it at fire stations IIRC.

It was one of those rarely-enforced lines deep within the city's ordinances that was almost never enforced, and judges always threw out the tickets when it was.

They officially took it off the books last year.

Justin said...

I did some digging and found the old ordinance:

Section 45-311
This ordinance requires all bicycles to be registered. Owners of non registered bicycles can be ticketed and fined $5. Bicycles can be registered for a fee of $1.00 at many Houston fire stations.

Dean said...

Uh, Justin... we appreciate the research and all but when I said I was glad to be doing my part, it didn't mean for everyone to go serving this stuff up on a silver platter for the powers-that-be in Sacto. ;)