Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Of microbrews and microclimates

San Diego’s topography has probably played about as big of a factor as any in shaping the unique character of this city.

The brush-choked canyons, mesas and hills that cover the landscape of San Diego, both the city and county, create secluded urban enclaves and offer naturally-occurring green belts and which also prohibits the urban sprawl that plagues the soul-crushing grid pattern of the L.A. basin.

O.K., so maybe soul-crushing is too strong of a term, but having lived in both areas for an equal number of years, we can attest to the physical characteristics of a region shaping the mood, vibe and hobbies of the people of that region. Because in what other city do you run the risk of falling off a bar stool and tumbling down into a steep ravine?

Anyway, this topography also creates several different micro-climates in the San Diego region. Good read out the U-T, here, on what you should and should not be planting this spring/summer

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Guac, anyone?

- And Mongo Had Just Spent All Afternoon Planting an Orange Tee and Prepping for Corn, Too -- With Boulders The Size of Yugos...