Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hey... they asked. (UPDATED)

(UPDATE #1): the lengths we will go to help the Governor with the deficit and provide helpful suggestions on truly alternative energy sources...

With California facing a huge budget deficit, officials at the state Department of Finance saw an opportunity to resurrect a contentious proposal for oil drilling off the coast of Santa Barbara as a way to boost revenue and potentially bring $1.8 billion into state coffers over time.

(here endeth the update)

The U.S. Department of Energy has a new agency called the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy. They are soliciting ideas for the research and development of transformational energy-related technologies. By their definition, transformational technologies are those that "disrupt the status quo".

Hmm… Do you know what energy-related technology certainly fits the definition of disrupting the status quo? Off-shore drilling, that’s what. Now, give us our damn grant money.


Anonymous said...

You put up a picture of the status quo to state that you can change the status quo by giving us more of the status quo.

And a shot of the pristine beaches off what looks like Santa Barbara, to boot. Well, they used to be pristine before the Great Oil Spill of... ah, never mind.

- Mongo Filling the Wash Basin With More Dove Soap and Water to Clean Off Critters. Paging Captain Hazelwood...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lloyd, still a maroon! But keep paying those inflated teacher's union contracts.

Those oil platforms are a thing of beauty, like the Golden Gate Bridge, like the wind farms in the desert, like the Hoover Dam.

Go bury your head in the sand with your union buddies. Go live in your one room cabin with the unibomber.

Be sure to get started on a rant!

Road (Kill) Dawg, laughing as I'm sure you rode your bicycle to Yosemite to leave less of a carbon footprint. Paging MongoLloyd!

Anonymous said...

Thing of beauty? Well, I guess there's no accounting for taste -- or really, much of anything that Road Kill says.

- Mongo Appreciates the Poetry-Aspect of the Whole Road Kill Free-Association Philosophy: Teacher's Union contracts; Oil platforms; Golden Gate Bridge; Wind farms in the desert; Hoover Dam; Unions; Unibomber; Don't Rant!; Bicycle; Carbon Footprint; Yosemite; Mongrols

Dean said...

I'm at a loss to explain how a 30... 40(?) year ban on the expansion of offshore oil drilling is not "status quo".

I've completely lost control of my "scheduled posts" function. This post wasn't supposed to appear until tomorrow morning. This is what I'm truly concerned about at this point.

Flap your arms really fast. The resulting gale might hit a wind turbine somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I look at the harvesting of our natural resources as a thing of beauty. Our God given talent to build something as magnificent as the platform in the photo.

Also from the Union Tribune:

For many Californians who remember the calamitous 1969 Santa Barbara Channel oil spill, the 27 oil platforms perched off the coast are an unforgivable blight upon the ocean and nature.

But that may be a superficial view.

There is accumulating evidence – at least in the eyes of some scientists – that the oil rigs' submerged superstructures provide important habitat for a wide variety of marine life, and may even be critical to preserving some increasingly rare species.

One study by Christopher Lowe, an associate professor of marine biology at California State Long Beach, relocated scores of fish from platforms to natural reefs off Anacapa Island, 12 miles west of Oxnard.

“Twenty-five percent swam right back to the platform – some of them six to 10 miles across open, deep water,” Lowe said.

Yes Mr. Lloyd, a thing of beauty

Anonymous said...

Big Oil: Friend to the Environment.

- Mongo's Got His Morning Started With A Good Laugh

Anonymous said...

Always glad to have our retarded friends amused. Do you want more sites to make you chuckle? You probably couldn't take the jocularity.

Hoping Mr. Lloyd never sets foot in Yosemite for fear of his own carbon footprint, 'Dawg
(and if he does, hoping a bear eats him to assist with the Darwinian process)