Sunday, May 3, 2009

Straight outta Occidental

"Pro football gave me a good perspective. When I entered the political arena, I had already been booed, cheered, cut, sold, traded, and hung in effigy."

Former AFL San Diego Charger and Buffalo Bill and political icon, Jack Kemp succumbed to cancer yesterday at the age of 73.

The G.OP. got it backwards when they placed him at the bottom of the ticket in ’96, a move which effectively ended his public political career.

We’ll always remember Jack Kemp for his integrity, forthrightness and compassion. The world and certainly the world of politics lost one of the truly good guys.

R.I.P., Mr. Kemp


Anonymous said...

I still remember young QB Jeff Kemp trying to make the Ram roster on a pre-season game televised by MNF, and the announcers talking about his dad.

- Mongo, Who Has, btw, Twice in the Last 4 Weeks Seen An Eric Dickerson Jersey in SD (Once at the St. Mary's game, once in City Heights last Friday)

Anonymous said...

P.S. Who was the starter the year Kemp was trying to make the Anaheim Rams roster? Seems a little early to be Everett.

- Mongo Thinks Joe Willie Namath May Have Been On The Roster As Well, Finishing Up the Career