Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Of God, burgers and animal style...

As the author of this article from the Times submits, there’s In-N-Out Burgers and then everyone else.

No franchising, no release of financial figures, quirky ordering lingo and an obsessive commitment to fresh high-quality ingredients have all added to the mystique of the Southwestern U.S. fast food icon.

Whenever we go into an In-N-Out location, we feel like we are being served by the local high school's Honors Society – this nation’s best and brightest in it's young people. We leave with our hopes buoyed with the possibility that it's these people who will be running things in this country some day. Then it’s back to reality where we realize that it’s neither the first 50 pages of Boston’s phone directory nor the Massachusetts Ave. In-N-Out staff that is calling the shots.

Anyway, article is a good read and which provides a review of the appropriately-named “In-N-Out Burger” by Business Week writer Stacy Perlman and which gives an overview of the lawsuit over control of the company between the granddaughter of the In-N-Out’s founders and a former long-time executive.


Anonymous said...

That Carrow's in the photo must do a banner business.

- Mongo Will Aim for Mass Ave on Friday Evening

Dean said...

I've never been inside one. Is it a Denny's-like establishment

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