Thursday, May 28, 2009


Some unfinished and unaddressed business we wanted to get around to...

We got a good chuckle at this headline from the NYT regarding the President’s graduation engagement at the United States Naval Academy last week.

Obama Is Embraced at Annapolis

Noting the dust-ups surrounding his visits to Arizona St. and Notre Dame, the Times falls all over itself with respect to the warm reception he received at Annapolis. We suppose we can’t really blame the Times, though. The extent to which they offer insight to the military entails leaking classified information on anti-terrorism efforts. As such, this condition might obscure the fact the Times would confuse military protocol and respect for the position and title of Commander-in-Chief for adoration.

And speaking of Notre Dame… the Domers are in talks with the Yankees regarding playing Army at the new Yankee Stadium as early as 2013. The old Yankee Stadium was the site of some epic matchups between the two in the first half of last century. Army had no comment regarding eventually dumping Notre Dame in order to upgrade their schedule.

The conventional wisdom holds that the history of President Bush’s policies regarding the War on Terror will need some time (years?) before it can be written. The conventional wisdom is wrong. It’s only taken 4 months as it is the current President who is writing and vindicating it as we speak. Read more here, from Charles Krauthammer.

And finally... wondering what to pick up in the way of "flair" for the Fridays waiter or waitress in your life? Check out these groovy gift ideas, here.

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