Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Looking on the bright side of Federal meddling

President Barack Obama will announce tough new nationwide rules for automobile mileage and emissions today, embracing standards that California has sought to enact for years over the objections of the auto industry and the Bush administration.

The rules, which will begin to take effect in 2012 and are based on 2002 California legislation, will impose the first-ever limits on climate-altering gases from cars and trucks.

The effect will be a single national standard that will create a car and light-truck fleet in the United States that is almost 40 percent cleaner and more fuel-efficient by 2016 than it is today, with an average of 35.5 miles per gallon.

35.5 miles per…? That’s nearly twice what we get right now. OK, so we will be paying an extra $1,300 more for a new car and the lighter cars manufactured in order to meet those standards may cost a few lives but having to pay only half as much to fill our tank means more time out on the road along with everyone else and never again having to feel guilty about not car-pooling. Yaaaaaaay!

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