Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mystery: Solved

Article here documents the dramatic rise in threats against the nation’s judges and prosecutors which has caused some of the same to receive 24-hour protection from the U.S. Marshals.

So pronounced is the problem that the Marshals have opened up a high-tech center in Arlington, Virginia to monitor a 24-hour number for reporting threats and which uses sophisticated mapping software to track those being threatened. This threat HQ is linked-in as well with CIA and FBI databases.

Who’s responsible for these threats? Well, it’s a whole variety of people. The article documents rape suspects, drug offense defendants, homicide suspects and wacky moving violation guy. But there were some other folks in there for which the article did not did not provide any evidence of actual threats. And who were these people? We think you might know where we are going with this but we'll let the article explain:

Worried federal officials blame disgruntled defendants whose anger is fueled by the Internet; terrorism and gang cases that bring more violent offenders into federal court; frustration at the economic crisis; and the rise of the sovereign citizen movement – a loose collection of tax protesters, white supremacists and others who don't respect federal authority.

Whaaaaaa….? What the hell is this sovereign citizen movement? It sounds kind of cool but we’ve never heard of it. And “tax protesters”? How about an operational definition of the same? Is it someone who’s cheesed-off about how much he pays in taxes or is it someone who is being investigated or tried in court for being a tax cheat? Huge difference. And we’re sure the vagueness combined with the current relevancy of that term only to be lumped in with “white supremacists” was an implication not executed in a haphazard manner by the author of this article. Janeane Garofalo would wholeheartedly approve.

Well, at least we can put to bed the mystery of who penned that amateurish right-wing extremist threat assessment memo that came out of Homeland last month. Jerry Markon of the WaPo, congratulations on beclowning yourself. Nice work.


Anonymous said...

Off-topic: Food for thought on the universal medical coverage front (aka "Socialized Medicine" in Neo-Con Land).,0,2252325.column?vote47135499=1

- Because Mongo Doesn't Know How To Post HIS Own Really Cool Vacation Photos of Utah

Dean said...

Of the many examples and historical fact demonstrating how socialized/gov't-managed health care drives up prices and reduces services that have been presented both here and abroad, a single tough-luck story is presented by which to drive policy. Way to dig deep, Mongo.

From the article:
"It's not a perfect system -- people often end up waiting for nonessential treatment. But it won't leave you destitute if things go bad. Basically, you're covered. For everything."

Non-essentials like pregnancies and hip replacement for which Canadians flock to the state in droves?

Author provides no definitive truth that the young lady in question would not be treated for her injury here stateside. Shabby writing.

Dean wondering when Mongo will start using his pet term in its proper context.

Road Dawg said...

Cheap unsubstantiated shot, Mr. Lloyd!

Betcha have great pics of Utah, see if you can get them posted.