Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The art of doing nothing

For as obsessed as the liberal/Left and the Democratic Party leadership is with Rush Limbaugh, Rush has not seemed to reciprocate this sentiment, at least, in this instance. Amid all the panting anticipation, Rush did not respond on his show on Monday to the remarks made by comedienne Wanda Sykes at the White House Correspondence Association dinner over the weekend where she made the "terrorist" crack at Rush and wished that his kideys would fail.

Folks, whether you like him or not, there is a reason why he is one of the highest paid and most listened to radio personalities in the land. People who tuned-in to hear Rush go off on Wanda Sykes sat through 3 hours of radio programming... 3 hours of Rush that they may not have otherwise.

We recall a scene from the Howard Stern bio-pic "Private Parts" where the station execs were poring over listener polling data and discovering that people who couldn't stand Howard Stern were listening to his radio program for longer periods of time than even those who happened to like Stern and his show.

The theater of the mind that is radio is about creating a narrative, setting the table with ideas and concepts and then building anticipation from within the listeners based upon that narrative. You've got a notion about how your favorite radio host is going to respond to a certain situation or circumstance but you absolutely have to hear him say it or express it in some manner.

And it is in this respect that Rush delivered it beautifully on Monday by saying absolutely nothing.


Anonymous said...

My gosh, if only I had known how easy it was to get The Addict to shut that enormous intolerant pie-hole.

But then again, silencing Rush would be the worst possible outcome for the Democrats and our nation. Keep yammering, ya coot...

- Mongo's Go-To Joke This Time of Year: What's the Most Confusing Day in the NBA?

Father's Day

Road Dawg said...

Intollerant? Left wing political correctness is the ultimate intollerance of free speech. There is not enough room on the comment section to cite the intollerance of the left.

But...we agree, when your enemies are committing suicide, get out of the way! (Hey....Free Joe Biden!) The left should be running Rush's show on NBC, just to watch the Seppuku. There is obviously something to be learned here Mr. Lloyd.

Road (kill) Dawg, enjoying the confounded look on the left as Rush rakes in ratings and cash.

Anonymous said...

The most outdated -- and laughable -- concept in the political spectrum is that of "The GOP Big Tent".

That status -- and resultant recent electoral outcomes -- is largely due to The Windbag.

- Mongo Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

Dean said...

"Most ethical Congress in history"

Anonymous said...

Actually, for how controlled the message is coming from the West Wing -- I don't mind at all when they "let Joe be Joe". He's entertaining as hell when he steps in it. The VP cracks me up. And, if nothing else, this country needs free entertainment.

That's why Leno does his free concerts.

- Mongo Thinks It's Better Than A Scratchy Recording of "Brother Can You Spare a Dime?"

Dean said...

Yes! "Controlled". Thank you.
The most ethical Congress in history