Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Check this out.

Now, go here and ask yourself if any of it makes any sense whatsoever.


Anonymous said...

I dunno.

But the Haifa Heat have got some serious throw-down ability!

- Mongo Thought, Like You, That We Were The Only Ones Allowed To Saber-Rattle

Dean said...

Well... the first link was merely to set up the 2nd link.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Mr. Lloyd's "dude" will straighten this mess out. Kinda like he did with the European community. Brilliant!

Maybe we should get Pelosi involved, just to make it fair.

Road(kill)Dawg,watching the fun and the pedulum swing!

Ohioan@Heart said...


I agree that saber rattling is a right of all independent states.

There I have willing and openly conceded your first and only irrelevant facile point.

Will you now answer honestly: Does the point in reference #2 make you doubt, in any way, the wisdom of our current President? Or shall you continue to back him and all he does with the proper blind obsequious behavior required of the truly besotted?

Ohioan - Thinking That Sanity Has Left The House, And Took The Independent Press With It

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure my newfound love of the Haifa Heat was my only relevant point in my post.

- Mongo Still Would Vote for Hills Over Obama -- So How Could One Come to the Conclusion That He Would "back (the Prez) and all he does with the proper blind obsequious behavior required of the truly besotted"??

Anonymous said...

So now that I actually bothered to get past 2009 Haifa Heat highlights and read some of Link #2 that is apparently throwing some of you into a tizzy...

Well, first off -- Iran's really only been a fly in the ointment for half of that 6 decades. Stick our kind of strongman in there, and we're all touchy-feely with each other again (at least with the governing elite, and that's all that counts anyway, right?). Even Stormin' Norman Schwarzkoff (sp) once wrote his years growing up in Tehran were among his most favorite. And if that guy's got a soft spot for those damn ragheads, then really shouldn't we all?? Road Kill?? ;0)

But to Obama's evil intentions -- six decades is a long time for that mess to be going on. A guy who fought as a teen in the original Arab-Israeli conflict is now pushing 80. After a lifetime living on the razor's edge, do we really want to bequeth unto another generation rockets being lobbed over the borders, followed by the inevitable Israeli cleanup by tank and the collateral mess that comes hand in hand with those operations?

Seems to me Obama's using the stick of fear (OMG! Fear Mongering! Yep, I said it.) The mid-east own little regional M.A.D.

In rock climbing, there's such a thing as asserting negative pressure into the rock when there is no apparent regular handhold. Against all instinct, you pull against the wall you are climbing in order to move onward and upward.

That's how I see this. If it works. Great. If not, we're still roped up.

- Mongo Has Been to the Mountain Top, and My Eyes Have Seen The Glory! It is The Haifa Heat!!