Friday, May 1, 2009

Video clip of the Day

Mammals: sitting atop the food chain. And when you are this far atop said chain, the term "soft power" may as well be spoken in ancient Mandarin.


H/T: Kissing Suzy Kolber


Anonymous said...

The ultimate nature video is still that "Showdown at the Watering Hole" between the water buffalo pack, the pride of lions, and the surprise guest appearance by the crocodile.


- Mutual of Mongo's Wild Kingdom

K T Cat said...

How cute! It was Mother Earth speaking to us through the slaughter of animals. I feel so ... so ... so green now.

Dean said...

Planet Earth had some great footage of Wildebeast v. Croc. Did not end well for the former.

Anonymous said...

"But, dad, don't we eat the buffalo?"

"Yes, Simba. But not when we're outgunned 80-5 with a croc nipping at our heels."

- Mongo Is Shaking, Too