Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Because "National Left-wing Hate Movement" just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

It's a small sign igniting a big debate. An official state of Colorado Adopt-a-Highway placard announcing that a one-mile long stretch of US Highway 85 is sponsored not by the Boy Scouts or the Lions Club, but by the Nazi Party of Colorado.

And to think that some people would get these guys confused with a bunch of stinky, bearded hippies from Boulder.

When the Nazi's first applied for the stretch of highway just south of Bromley lane in Brighton, the Colorado Department of Transportation called to say thanks, but no thanks.

But the law, it turns out, was on the Nazi's side.

"Courts around the country have allowed white supremacists to sponsor highway signs," says Anti-Defamation League Director Bruce DeBoskey. So although the Anti-Defamation League couldn't be more opposed to the Nazi movement, it advised the state to put the application through.

"To have our freedom we have to have all kinds of speech, and this is a case where hate speech is protected," DeBoskey said. "This organization stands for hate. It's a white supremacist group. It is a neo-Nazi group."

No one ever said the defense of free speech was going to be a clean, tidy or an enviable task, so props to the ADL for standing on principle.


Harrison said...

I bet 99% of Americans wouldn't know what the National Socialists are anyway.

B-Daddy said...

Harrison, agree, that's why I like Dean's substitution of "left wing hate movement" for socialist.

Harrison said...

The NSDAP wasn't very Leftist. Maybe these guys are. Always reminds me of the Illinois Nazis from Blue Brothers.

Dean said...

You mean the guy who played the Martian in "My favorite Martian"?