Sunday, January 17, 2010

He didn't just say that, did he?

O.K., gang. Parlor game time.

Give us a George W. Bush verbal gaffe or slip-up. Give us the same for Barack Obama.

Pretty easy, huh?

Now, do the same for Bill Clinton.

Not so easy, is it?

Probably no more-skilled politician alive than is Bill Clinton. And probably none possessing as huge an ego, nearly to a sociopathic degree. B-Daddy has a theory of which we agree regarding “himself” but which was one that never really had concrete evidence in which to back it. Until now. Check it out, here.


B-Daddy said...

Dean, thanks for the link. I hadn't really considered sizing up the enormity of the Clinton ego, but sociopathic (which is accurate even if it doesn't spell check) is the best description I have ever heard.

Harrison said...

Bill cares about one person - Bill. Nothing about him would surprise me. Hillary might have made a better president than Obama but then we'd have to tolerate Bill again.