Saturday, January 9, 2010

Great moments in the history of American journalism

Maureen Dowd doing herself and her profession proud (again).

"It's gotten a little better, but Washington is still very much of a boys club. I mean, Obama still goes off golfing with the guys for four hours at a time. I give him credit for appointing a lot of women to important posts, but I would never have predicted that the first black president would have a lot of the same man-cave tendencies as the guys who came before him."

Incredible. Simply incredible. We read this over and over again trying to figure out whether it’s a bigoted statement or simply yet another glittering jewel of Dowd’s manifest idiocy. That the President’s blackness would trump his gender in regard to gender-driven activities is certainly news to us. Does Dowd presume to know what activities a black man would... should prefer? WWaBMD?.

It begs the question of just how many black men Dowd has met in the course of her life. Only a nitwit like Dowd could get us thinking that perhaps President Obama is more of a George W. Bush-lke beer’n’baseball watchin’ dude than he really is.

(Insert your If-Ann-Coulter-had-said-that statement, here)

All in all, Patrick Goldstein who was quoting Dowd for his article, is our first nominee for crappiest article/column of the year.


W.C. Varones said...

And the NY Times and LA Times wonder why they are losing readers and sliding toward bankruptcy.

Harrison said...

She has no ideas of her own... that's why she's a plagarizer and sounds like every other silly Liberal with a column out there.

Road Dawg said...

Man-law trumps race, she doesn't get it.

B-Daddy said...

Golfing is masculine?

Harrison said...

Trying to get your balls into a small hole? Fore!

K T Cat said...

I think Obama ought to go golfing with Hugh Hefner and a pack of his Playmates. That ought to shut Dowd up.