Sunday, January 10, 2010

Quotes of the week

We were used as kind of a political football during the campaign. We obviously would cover these negotiations. The only time we’ve been allowed to cover the White House part of it is one hour inside the East Room, which was just a show-horse type of thing…

The American people pay for all of this that goes on in this town. It’s always been my contention…that if we pay for something, and it’s the public’s business, we ought to be able to see how it’s done. It’s just that simple, it has nothing to do with this particular fight right now.

- C-SPAN'S Brian Lamb on the "transparency" of the healthcare debate.

“Of course, nobody can see the managers’ amendment. It is composed of over 40 amendments. How could anyone vote for a piece of legislation such as that — a managers’ amendment with 42 separate amendments? Now, these amendments were not put in a conference committee. People complain about that. But at least in a conference committee, you have people working together, sticking things in…Here, you have one person making a decision as to what is going to be in the managers’ amendment. There is no way to know what is in it.”

- Harry Reid in 2006 railing against informal deal-making that circumvented the committee process and attacking the use of manager's amendments to avoid public scrutiny.

"President Obama continues to totally ignore one of the important thrusts of our 9/11 recommendations, which is that you have to approach counterterrorism as a multiagency intelligence issue, and not as a law-enforcement issue. He's made a lot of commission's members angry for dismissing our report and ignoring key recommendations."

- 9/11 Commission member and former Secretary of the Navy, John Lehman, on the mirandizing of counter-terrorism.

"Stalin, Hitler, Mao, McCarthy -- these people have been vilified pretty thoroughly by history," Stone told reporters at the Television Critics Association's semi-annual press tour in Pasadena.

"Stalin has a complete other story," Stone said. "Not to paint him as a hero, but to tell a more factual representation. He fought the German war machine more than any single person. We can't judge people as only 'bad' or 'good.' Hitler is an easy scapegoat throughout history and its been used cheaply. He's the product of a series of actions. It's cause and effect ... People in America don't know the connection between WWI and WWII ... I've been able to walk in Stalin's shoes and Hitler's shoes to understand their point of view. We're going to educate our minds and liberalize them and broaden them. We want to move beyond opinions ... Go into the funding of the Nazi party. How many American corporations were involved, from GM through IBM. Hitler is just a man who could have easily been assassinated."

- Castro and Chavez-coddler, Oliver Stone, on his upcoming Showtime miniseries documentary "Secret History of America". What could possibly go wrong?

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Harrison said...

Stone's last good movie was Platoon. Now he's making shows for cable? 'nuff said.