Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Quote of the day...

... and some not-so-random thoughts

"People are receptive to this message of anti-corporate imperialism," Thompson says. "But they're receptive to it precisely because of a big corporation's brilliant marketing machine."

Is the irony of preaching anti-corporate imperialism from Hollywood’s seat of power of cultural-corporate imperialism lost on directors like "Avatar’s" James Cameron? Maybe. Maybe not.

We haven’t decided on whether or not to go and see “Avatar” but whether we do or not won’t be informed by any political slant the movie may have.

If politics guided our music listening, a scarce collection of CDs, err, iPod selections it would be. Some Kinks, some Rush, maybe some George Harrison and that would be about it. No Dylan, no open border lefties like Calexico and certainly no straight-up commies like Rage Against the Machine… which is having its own bout with irony as we have heard/seen their music tied-in with a Tea Party video.

After the Presidential innauguration last January, we joked with an ultra-liberal friend of ours when would be the best time to perform a bumper sticker swap.

It just seems that politics in pop culture or on the back of a car tends to be amorphous enough to be used by either side given the context and some message-tweaking.

Nope. The biggest thing “Avatar” has going against it at this point is actually having to submit ourselves to the abjectly dehumanizing experience of going to the multi-plex.


B-Daddy said...

I probably won't be seeing it, at least on the big screen, because the plot seems a little thin. I like the lead actor, Sam Worthington, and his work in Terminator Salvation, but not enough to watch this on the big screen. If were going to go comic book plot, I'll take the next Iron Man II, with the crowd pleasing Robert Downey Jr.

Harrison said...

I won't be seeing it... I don't need to see a bunch of American soldiers getting killed and the audience cheering. I'd think in San Francisco it would be worse. Too bad, I like the lead character (he did a great job in Terminator 4) but Cameron's not getting my money.