Friday, January 8, 2010

A shovel-ready union rally coming to a town near you

Well, well, well… Look who came to town a couple of days ago looking for work.

The national head of the AFL-CIO came to San Diego yesterday to push for more funding for federal jobs programs and to throw his support behind a City Hall effort to ensure that workers on government infrastructure projects be hired locally.

Richard Trumka, a former coal miner who was elected to head the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations in September, said that even though the economy appears to be recovering from the recession, the job market still looks “pretty grim” and will require more government action to help put people back to work.

“Local jobs are the key to everything,” he told a crowd of around 250 union activists at a rally at the south lawn adjoining the San Diego Convention Center. Most were wearing red T-shirts bearing the words “Local Jobs.”

Dear Big Labor, kiss our lily white suburban ass. Hundreds of union construction workers who are currently out of work could’ve been gainfully employed at this very moment if it wasn’t for your obstinacy.

Just over a year ago Gaylord Entertainment of Nashville, Tenn., finally threw in the towel and scrapped plans to build a $1 billion hotel-convention center complex on Chula Vista’s waterfront just south of San Diego. Gaylord, knowing that union wages would drive up the cost of the project tried to negotiate with the city and the unions a ratio of union/non-union jobs. Gaylord felt that the most equitable ratio was a 50/50 split. Big Labor told Gaylord no dice. It was all or nothing, take it or leave it. 100% union jobs or no deal.

As a result, 250 unemployed union workers turned out for a rally outside San Diego’s own convention center pleaing for more of your tax dollars to build stuff that may or may not be needed or wanted.

We’re wondering if the irony of the rally location was found on any of these people.

It is precisely because of situations like this (combined with our long memory) that we despise Big Labor.


Anonymous said...

Does the Union insist on e-Verify to ensure its workers are in fact San Diegans?

B-Daddy said...

Well put. The Gaylord Hotels screw up was a huge loss for the area. Meanwhile crappy projects of dubious worth continue to drain the wealth of our economy.