Thursday, January 28, 2010

“I want to get the lesbian perspective”* **

We were discussing the President’s call during his SOTU speech for ending “don’t ask, don’t tell” in the military with some colleagues at lunch today and wondered aloud if DADT was one of those cards the President would hold on to and play it only if his approval numbers were tanking to the point that he was starting to lose some of his progressive base (kinda like, now). They didn’t think so because repealing DADT “wasn’t a big deal”. Don’t know about that because if it wasn’t a big deal, how come it hasn’t been done already?

We understand Porkulus, healthcare and cap and trade were higher on the legislative agenda but we also can’t help but think that the man who (currently) opposes gay marriage would use DADT and by extension the gay community as a political tool to shore up support on his left. Generally speaking, we wonder if the gay community feels the same way and we wonder if they even care as long as the President is pushing for an end to DADT.

* Years ago, local sports talk show host, Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton (pictured), blasted that across the airwaves in a request for some specific insight regarding a sexual orientation-related issue, the details of which are lost to time and memory.

** Any Hacksaw reference automatically increases the quality of the post, no matter how sketchy, between 15-20%

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