Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A couple of after-school feel-good stories on a rainy Wednesday evening

Two children. One heart. Read more here about a parents’ commitment and devotion, private citizens banding together to do good and performing miracles via the current state of American medicine.

Anecdotal talk radio moment that is to be taken for what it’s worth:

Dave from Pennsylvania called into Hedgecock’s show yesterday from Florida as he was there with his daughter visiting a limb-correcting specialist. Many other people from out-of-state were there also as this doctor is recognized as one of the best in the field. Many people from out of state and out of country as well. A mother-daughter tandem came down from Canada to see this doctor. Dave spoke to them at length at the clinic to get their story.

Long story short: At one time the Canadian health care system did indeed offer limb-correcting procedures performed by specialists in that field. Because the expense of these procedures was borne by “the system” it became increasingly prohibitive for the service to be offered to Canadian citizens. Credit the Canadian healthcare system for not scrapping the limb-correcting program, though, as they made some tweeks to their procedures to lower the costs. Instead of undergoing the costly corrective procedures along with the arduous physical rehab afterwards, the Canadians eliminated all of that and simply started amputating the limbs instead.

Makes sense, right? Hell, you've got two of each. And why should we all be paying for someone else’s costly medical procedure?

After all, its about equality, right?


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