Saturday, January 23, 2010

A So what's so horrible about the occasional apocalyptic struggle for the soul of the Party update*

Combined with a quote of the day wrapped up in a oh goody – another John McCain-related knock-down drag-out.

With all due respect to McCain’s past noble war service, it’s time to head to the pasture. As the Supreme Court ruled on Thursday, he was wrong on the constitutionality of the free-speech-stifling McCain-Feingold campaign finance regulations. He was wrong to side with the junk-science global warming activists in pushing onerous carbon caps on America. He was on the wrong side of every Chicken Little-driven bailout. He was wrong in opposing enhanced CIA interrogation methods that have saved countless American lives and averted jihadi plots. And he was spectacularly wrong in teaming with the open-borders lobby to push a dangerous illegal alien amnesty.

No sooner than Sarah Palin announced she would campaign for the re-election of John McCain, former Arizona congressman and conservative Phoenix-area radio show host, J.D. Hayworth, has announced his own primary challenge to McCain.

Talk about crappy timing. Drop the person of John McCain from the equation and this is precisely the sort of primary fight where Palin, darling of the Tea Party movement, would be campaigning on behalf of the challenger.

We totally understand how Palin may have accepted McCain’s offer out of a sense of loyalty but, honestly, this doesn’t quite look or feel right.

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B-Daddy said...

This could actually be healthy. No way does McCain lose this primary challenge; as unlikely as the Dems losing the Mass Senate seat.....

OK, need to think this through.

Primary challenges to the Republican establishment are needed by the Tea Party types so that even if they don't succeed, it gets the Republican incumbent to get on board with the Freedom Coalition agenda. The danger is that fewer seats will be taken back by Republicans in 2010, but I'm not sure that is in the long term best interests of the party. Unless a purge of the those who have practiced politics as usual happens, the Republicans will not really advance the cause of liberty any more than the Democrats.