Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Radio KBwD is on the Air: Special Edition.

We’re continuing our special edition of Radio KBwD in order to feature some of our favorite cuts from The Who, who have been chosen to perform at half-time of the Super Bowl, and of which you may not be familiar.

“I suppose I like this least of all the stuff”, wrote Townshend. “It suffered from being the first thing we did after Tommy, and also from being recorded a few too many times. We did it once at my home studio, then at IBC where we normally worked then with Kit Lambert producing. Then Kit had a tooth pulled, breaking his jaw, and we did it ourselves. The results are impressive. It sounded great in the mosquito-ridden swamp I made it up in, Florida at three in the morning drunk out of my brain with Tom Wright and John Wolf. But that’s always where the trouble starts, in the swamp. The alligator turned into an elephant and finally stampeded itself to death on stages around England."

Uhhh…. sure, Pete.

Off of their compilation album Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy, here’s the lads performing “The Seeker”


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